Motor Vehicle Insurance

For worry free motoring!

Caught in one of our motorway's nose-to-tails?
Walked back to your car to find it no longer where you left it?
Crack to your windscreen by flying stone?

We understand that sinking feeling you get when something happens to your vehicle. Our Motor Vehicle Insurance policy will help you pay for those nasty repairs and get you back on your wheels again.

Protect your family, protect your investment and protect your lifestyle.

With no stand-down periods and easy to understand policy wording, Autosure Motor Vehicle Insurance policy is the no-fuss solution to your comprehensive insurance needs.  Offering:

  • Easy Payment terms: Fortnightly, Monthly, Quarterly, Annual.

  • Direct Debit and Credit Card options.

  • Up-to $1000 Trailer cover * excludes caravans, boat and horse trailers.

  • Up-to $1000 for accessories such as Navigation systems and child seats.

Further information on our Motor Vehicle Insurance policy can be found in our Policy Wording.

Looking to purchase Motor Vehicle Insurance?

Autosure Motor Vehicle Insurance can only be purchased through our extensive network of providers throughout the country.

To organise a direct debit to manage your insurance payments, a form is available here.

For further product enquiries please contact us.

Motor Vehicle Insurance policy terms and conditions

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