Payment Protection Insurance

What Is PPI?

Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) covers you for the repayment of your loan obligations to the financier if you suffer an insured event.

  • The main risk with having finance is if something happens to your ability to earn money. PPI protects you, your family and your credit rating if the worst happens.

  • With only a minimum stand down period and generous cover for up to 60 months, PPI helps you manage financially when unexpected events occur.

  • ACC only pays up to a maximum of 80% of your income – How would your household react to an instant 20% pay cut?

What Cover Options are Available?


Insured Events:
Death, Terminal Illness, Accident, Illness, Disability, Hospitalisation, Carer, Redundancy, Suspension, Bankruptcy


Insured Events: 
Death, Terminal Illness, Accident, Illness, Disability, Hospitalisation, Carer, Bankruptcy, Business Interruption

Everyday Essential

Insured Events: 
Death, Terminal Illness, Hospitalisation, Bankruptcy, Permanent Disability

What are the Customer Benefits?

  • Peace of mind for the unexpected

  • No medical examination is required to take out a policy

  • Pre-existing medical conditions are covered if no treatment advice in 6 months prior to the policy start date

  • Redundancy benefit of up to 12 months

  • 15 day cooling off period

  • Protects your household income for other purposes and your credit rating

  • In the event of death, your family does not have your vehicle debt and possible repossession to deal with.

This is only a summary of cover, please see the policy booklet for full terms, exclusions, conditions and benefits.

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